Lawyers in Administrative and Contentious Administrative Law

We provide advisory, preventive and litigation services, both to companies and individuals, in the different areas of Administrative Law.
AGM Abogados Administrative and Contentious Administrative Law

At AGM Abogados we offer our clients the experience accumulated over years of work in the different administrative and contentious-administrative procedures.

We have a team of lawyers specialised in Administrative Law that will help to find effective solutions that meet each of our clients’ needs, offering personalized and appropriate advice for each specific case and that will successfully solve each of their problems.

Who do we advise?

We provide advisory, preventive and litigation services, both to companies and individuals, in the different areas of Administrative Law, acting with efficiency and professionalism before the contentious-administrative jurisdiction in all its instances.

What are our main services in Administrative and Contentious-Administrative Law?

Liability of the Public Administration

At AGM Abogados we are fully aware of the different situations that may arise in this branch of Administrative Law, and we assist both the administered party, when it is the latter who suffers damage, and the Administration itself or its contractors and contractors, when they are the alleged culprits of the damage caused.

Our extensive experience advising individuals, companies and Administrations in this field allows us to have a global vision of the patrimonial liability procedure, giving individualized attention to each specific case.

Public Sector Contract Law

Our team of professionals has advised for years to different bidders and awardees of contracts with the Administration, so we have extensive experience and a team of experts in all types of public procurement procedures, in its legal side, reaching a high standard of quality.

AGM Abogados has extensive experience accompanying companies in all phases of the public procurement procedure, from its origin to the time of awarding the contract, as well as in the development of the same, defending the interests of our clients in cases of contractual crisis with the Administration.

Our services include the filing of appeals and challenges within these processes, both in administrative and judicial proceedings.

Sanctioning procedures

We are specialists in administrative sanctions and experts in the development of the entire sanctioning procedure and its different phases, as well as in the knowledge of the different administrative infractions and sanctions that can be imposed.

Our mission is to support clients throughout the entire sanctioning procedure, in any area of action, whether state, regional or local, advising through the experience that precedes us in all aspects of the same and addressing all possible scenarios to contain and refute the arguments of the Administration.

We take care at all times that there is no defencelessness or violation of our client’s rights.

Why choose our Administrative and Contentious-Administrative Law services?

  • Our team is formed by lawyers who have extensive experience in disciplinary proceedings, Public Administration Liability, and claims in public sector contracting, among others.
  • We offer our clients personalized advice tailored to what the circumstances require in each case and the client’s objectives.

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