AGM Abogados climbs 4 positions in the Ranking of Spanish Law Firms of Expansion

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Viviane Gelpí Wenger

As every year, the renowned newspaper Expansión has published its rankings of the evolution of the legal sector in our country, in which it analyses the turnover of national and international firms, the evolution of the workforce and the turnover per professional. AGM Abogados appears again in this edition of the rankings, improving its position in the lists.

AGM ranks 27th in the turnover of national offices

2019 was a great year for AGM Abogados, a fact that was reflected in the ranking of turnover of Spanish firms of Expansión. With an increase of 9.8%, this year AGM has gone from the 31st to the 27th position in the ranking that measures the business volume of Spanish law firms in the country. In this link you can see the complete ranking.

In the list that includes the turnover of all law firms in Spain, both national and international, AGM also improved, going from position 55 in the ranking of last year to position 54 this year. Complete list here.

Regarding professionals, it is important to highlight that AGM is one of the firms with the highest increase of professionals in its staff, occupying the 10th position with 18.1%. As of the turnover per lawyer, AGM is in position 66 with a turnover of 619,808 euros per partner and 111,910 euros per lawyer. Find here all the information. 

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