AGM Abogados in the top 20 of the Law&Trends Digital Reputation ranking

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Viviane Gelpí Wenger

Law&Trends has just published the 2021 Digital Reputation ranking of professionals and lawyers in the legal field. In this new edition, AGM Abogados climbs positions with respect to last year’s ranking, ranking 12th among the top 30 firms with the best “Digital Reputation”.

To compile the ranking, Law&Trends measures the impact that the firm has in the press, legal media and blogs of professionals in the legal sector. For this purpose, more than 16,000 articles and news items published in the digital press, websites and blogs specialising in law firms, lawyers and legal information have been analysed in order to score each law firm and lawyer on their digital leadership.

In addition, the portal has also published the digital impact of the activity carried out by different law firms and professionals in the last quarter of 2021. This table includes the law firms and lawyers that have deployed a significant digital presence in the last quarter. In this case, and with 21 points, AGM Abogados is ranked number 7.

About Law&Trends

Law&Trends monitors over 900 legal content blogs; they curate, select and share valuable legal content to the public and the legal sector. They have a directory of over 3500 law firms and legal professionals.

If you want to read more about the ranking, click here.

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