AGM Abogados: “We are committed to growth and we firmly believe in people”

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Ericka Chaparro Manrique

Despite the circumstances and contingencies that AGM Abogados has gone through in the last year, our turnover has grown by 32.53% and our staff has increased by 22.73%.

AGM Abogados moves its Madrid headquarters to new, more spacious, and modern offices located at Paseo de la Castellana 140, in the heart of Madrid’s financial centre. This move is the next natural step in AGM’s journey in Madrid and supports our strategic growth ambitions and our efforts towards consolidating our headquarters in the capital as a benchmark. Jordi Rovira Esteve, CEO of the firm, says: “This move is a true reflection of our continued and sustained commitment to the firm’s clients and the AGM team”. Likewise, among our goals is the continuous incorporation of new professionals within the legal sector, hence the increase in our workforce in recent months and in our fastest growing areas, M&A and Dispute Resolution.

The head of the Madrid office, Gregorio Riber Arranz, states that the change of offices responds to the firm’s growth and future strategy “which is unequivocally committed to consolidating the firm at a national level, strengthening our position in the capital and thus improving connections with our clients and relations with the different economic agents“.

The director is not unaware that at a time like the present, when there is a clear trend towards remote working, a move like this could seem paradoxical. However, Riber clarifies that “from the firm’s management we firmly believe in people, and it is precisely teamwork and the interaction of human capital that improves performance and service quality, especially in an activity such as ours. This is precisely the added value of AGM, our team. A team made up of more than 100 professionals with a multidisciplinary profile and more than 15 nationalities, all with the same objective: to provide the best service to our clients“.

The director also confirms that the relocation of its headquarters in Madrid to “spacious, modern and more representative” facilities is another milestone towards achieving the AGM group’s growth objectives for the coming years at all levels, team, turnover and clients: “The consolidation in Madrid as a leading law firm, as well as the internationalisation of the firm. To this end, important moves have been made in recent years, both with the incorporation of proven professionals in the legal sector, as well as the current change of offices at the Madrid headquarters“.

Developments in the field

For Riber, the evolution of the legal services sector is no different from the behaviour of other activities in the service sector, where “it is increasingly moving towards technification, in which technology seems to be gaining ground by leaps and bounds; we are not only talking about databases of legislation, doctrine or jurisprudence or even office management, but it goes beyond that, even reaching the practical resolution of conflicts depending on the parameters that we introduce in a certain programme,” he points out.

In this sense, AGM Abogados is committed to the modernisation of the firm, without forgetting that the most important thing for the organisation is people: “consequently, we give special relevance to the care of each of our professionals as an essential value of the firm. Undoubtedly, the move to new offices, equipped with a more modern and efficient space, contributes to the achievement of our ultimate goal: excellence in the service we provide to our clients“, he concludes.

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