AGM and Arrangoiz & Asociados closer ties between Spain and Mexico

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Ericka Chaparro Manrique

AGM Abogados and Arrangoiz & Asociados intensified their efforts to encourage and strengthen commercial ties between Spain and Mexico.

On February 5th, the event “Investment and expansion opportunities in Mexico” was held at the Madrid offices of AGM Abogados, which investors and entrepreneurs were shown what Mexico can offer, as the second largest market Latin America and 15th in the world economy.

The event it showed the great possibilities of betting on a country that has 125 million inhabitants, with an average age of 29 years and that currently houses more than 6.000 Spanish companies.

Session was taught by Gonzalo Arrangoiz, partner of Arrangoiz y Asociados, and Julio Menchaca, lawyer of the M&A area of ​​AGM Abogados.

With this event, both law firms reinforce their commitment to encourage economic, social and cultural exchange between both countries, providing excellent legal services and with deep knowledge of internal markets.

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