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Spanish companies with an interest in the Asian market

Asian Desk empresas españolas Asia

AGM broadens its scope in Asia


With 15 years of experience in the Chinese markets, the Asian Desk of AGM Abogados now provides legal assistance to Spanish entrepreneurs present in south-east Asia, Japan, South Korea and India. It is a vast territory with 4 billion inhabitants.



Asian values


The AGM lawyers and our local network of experts very carefully comply with the local cultural rules to resolve problems and disputes: an informal and personal process enables us to seek commitments or consensus in a non-controversial manner. When that method does not work, we use legal proceedings through our network of local colleagues with whom we have confidently worked for several years.



From China to the ASEAN and the Asia Pacific


Next to the gigantic Chinese market, south-east Asia has a market of 1 billion people. It is headed by a regional intergovernmental organisation called the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), which facilitates economic, political and educational integration among its 10 members: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Brunei and Myanmar.


The territory where we also work is rounded out with Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, naturally moving closer to Oceania.


  • Advice to companies that are looking to:
    • Set up in Asia.
    • Acquire companies in Asia.
    • Set up a franchise in Asia.
    • Position themselves into Asian markets.
    • Sell and commercialise their product in Asia.
    • Expand in Asia.
    • Buy or manufacture in Asia.
    • Invest in Asia.


  • Negotiate with distributor agents, providers, customers and employees.


  • Establishment of Joint Ventures, strategic or commercial alliances.


  • Finding partners and negotiating with them.


  • Search for financing.
  • Help and advice in case of any of these issues in Asia:
    • Debt recovery.
    • Scam and fraud.
    • Brand protection.
    • Intellectual property.
    • Advice, reviewing and drafting of contracts.
    • Legal proceedings.


  • Commercial and/or industrial development strategy with intellectual property in transnational environments.


  • Tax, business and legal advice: company law, commercial law, tax law, distribution contracts, employment law, etc.


  • Assistance in administrative and logistics matters.

Our team of Asian Desk

Vanessa Herrero Sanz

Carlotta Lucrezia Conte Gómez


Vanessa Gañán Rincón


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