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The China Desk of AGM Abogados, with presence in China since 2005, provides multidisciplinary advice to various legal areas that open the door to the development of Spanish firms in China. It also offers quality advice to Chinese companies with an interest in Europe.


We offer our clients a team with national integration in both countries, with offices in:


Spain: Madrid, Barcelona y Sabadell.

China: Shanghai.


AGM Abogados is concerned with providing advice to help entrepreneurs avoid cultural distance, jump the diplomatic barrier and improve administrative complexity. Our goal is to create added value for your project, reduce uncertainty and anticipate solutions.

Our Chinese and Spanish professionals offer a bidirectional service to our customers:

Chinese companies with an interest in the European market  ►

  • Creating or acquiring a company.
  • Search for investment projects.
  • Collaboration in Joint Ventures.
  • Comprehensive advice on obtaining residence and/or work permits. Specialists in “visas for investors” (Golden Visa) and residence permits without permission to obtain paid work.
  • Advice on the mobility of workers in relation to intra-corporate transfers or the recruitment of new staff.
  • Tax and legal services.

Spanish companies with an interest in the Chinese market 

  • Advice to companies that are looking to: Set up in China:
    • Acquire companies in China.
    • Set up a franchise in China.
    • Position themselves into Chinese markets.
    • Sell and commercialise their product in China.
    • Expand in China.
    • Buy or manufacture in China.
    • Invest in China.
  • Negotiate with distributor agents, providers, customers and employees.
  • Establishment of Joint Ventures, strategic or commercial alliances.
  • Finding partners and negotiating with them.
  • Tax, business and legal advice.
  • Help and advice in case of any of these issues in China:
    • Debt recovery.
    • Scam and fraud.
    • Brand protection.
  • Advice, reviewing and drafting of contracts.

Our team of China Desk

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