Restructuring and Insolvency

Comprehensive solutions for the management of companies in crisis.


In business crisis situations, it is extremely important to react quickly. Being able to rely on a good strategy and plan the next steps to take is fundamental to ensuring the company’s viability and overcoming the crisis once and for all.

AGM Abogados has over 30 years of experience in advising and working on the creation, implementation and development of business ventures. We count on a team of seasoned professionals that interpret the complex situations that may be faced in a crisis, in order to advise our clients and resolve their problems by looking for an optimal solution, taking into consideration the specific circumstances and needs of each case.


This involves a multi-disciplinary group of highly-qualified specialists with a long history in the management of businesses, and solid experience at managerial level in large company organisations.


Each situation must be subject to specific analysis in order to find the best possible solution. The possibilities are multiple and can vary between:


  • Re-establishing a company by refinancing.
  • Buying or selling lines of business.
  • Liquidating non-strategic assets.
  • Restructuring the group or company.
  • Streamlining, curbing the deteriorating value of the brand.
  • Maximizing the value of credit or existing investments.
  • Maintaining control over management.
  • Avoiding the consequences at managerial level or in other business units or companies belonging to the same group.


Our experience ensures that we can offer a crisis management service that helps companies to resist and overcome the current economic situation, and enable them to grow stronger, ensure their viability and convert uncertainties into an opportunity.


Learn more about our services of restructuring companies, pre-bankruptcy strategy, protection of directors and managers, bankruptcy proceedings, buying and selling of assets or branches of activity and liquidations. For more information about our services, have a look at them:

The comprehensive solution for business crisis management must include the best team of specialists with the necessary experience to enable a comprehensive strategy.

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