Business restructuring

The M&A area of AGM Abogados has a team specialised in corporate law and structural modification operations, able to offer our customers a full design and implementation of all kinds of business restructuring. Our professionals work hand in hand with other departments at our practice to cover all the most relevant aspects of business restructuring other than commercial, such as employment and tax issues.


These operations are used to give advice on both companies’ corporate restructuring (keeping the previously existing partners) as well as modification in the shareholder structure. In the same way we give help in taking over or disinvestment of certain businesses.


The lawyers in the business restructuring team have the knowhow and experience required for designing and implementing all kinds of restructuring operations for both dealing with financial tension situations and carrying out reorganisation for improving the efficiency and expansion of companies.


Our team is prominent for its experience in operations with high added value and great practical and legal complexity, for both achieving more efficient business structures with restructuring procedures including everything from mergers, demergers, split-offs, dissolutions and liquidations of companies or joint ventures to incorporating new vehicles for the corporate reorganisation of businesses.


Our main services in the field of business restructuring are:


  • Analysis of the corporate and tax structure of companies and corporate groups.
  • Designing corporate alternatives for improving the management of companies, including the merger of companies, demergers, dissolutions and liquidations and other corporate modifications, and for modifying the governing bodies.
  • Carrying out operations for structural modification of all kinds: mergers, demergers, split-offs, transformations, capital increases, capital reductions, accordion operations, debt capitalisations, transfers of registered offices abroad, etc.
  • Designing and executing agreements for refinancing and restructuring of debt of all kinds.