Cancelaciones en el Mobile World Congress por el Coronavirus

Cancellations at the Mobile World Congress due to the Coronavirus

Marketing and Communications department. AGM Abogados.


The decision by the GSMA to cancel the Mobile World Congress is causing great legal uncertainty among exhibiting companies and intermediary companies in the hiring, design and installation of stands and suppliers: catering, furniture, signage, transportation, hotels, etc.


If you are one of those affected, count on the AGM team to help you with everything you need, and thus reduce the negative impact that this unforeseen situation could have on the company’s income statement and any other order (contractual, reputational, etc.).


Also we would like to invite you to read the recent publications of the newspaper Expansión: “Coronavirus: are Spanish companies protected?” and “Mobile: law firms prepare millionaire lawsuits” where the civil law and insurance lawyer, associate of AGM Abogados, Miquel Morales, has assisted in the article, giving his opinion as an expert in the area.


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