Civil Law

Modernity, the digital era and the dynamic economic environment have resulted in expanding regulations for businesses. At the Civil Corporate Compliance Department we want our clients to be updated in all these new obligations, and thus avoid any fines, by offering legal advice on:


  • Compliance with the Data Protection Act: the commitment with our clients is not limited to ensure they comply with the Data Protection Act when audits occur, but also to prevent any issues arising from those audits. We anticipate issues by informing and reminding the client of their obligations and any modifications, with particular emphasis on repercussions.
  • Compliance with information and electronic commerce regulations: we provide advice on complying with the requirements of specific regulations on e-commerce and the information society.
  • Compliance with competition regulations: authorities at all levels impose requirements on companies to prevent them from abusing a dominant position they might hold and from forming cartels and other agreements which restrict competition. This is why our aim is to give advice in order to avoid any failing in complying these obligations that may lead to the imposition of large fines.


For other questions related to corporate compliance, please visit our Corporate Compliance section of the website.