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We advise both companies and individuals on any matter related to the defence in private proceedings.
AGM Abogados Civil Law lawyers

At AGM Abogados we have extensive experience in providing services related to Civil Law, ranging from the drafting of contracts to consumer claims and the resolution of family disputes.

We have a team of highly qualified lawyers with extensive experience in Civil Law.

Who do we advise?

Our Civil Law lawyers provide legal advice to companies and individuals in any case related to the defence in private proceedings. We offer personalised solutions adapted to the specific needs of each client, always seeking the best possible outcome for them.

What are our principal Civil Law services?

Legal Support for Customer Services (ALSAC)

The purpose of our legal support for customer service is to provide legal advice to our clients in the event of consumer claims, whether they are brought out of court, in court and/or through administrative channels.

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Advice on Civil Law contracts

Our Civil Law lawyers are specialists in civil contracts, and our main function is to prevent and anticipate all the difficulties that may appear to them. We also have an extensive experience in contractual advice.

We offer comprehensive advice, assisting our clients in the drafting of contractual documents and legal reports, as well as in the study of pre-existing contracts, to resolve all the issues that may arise.

Our team offers a unique and individual solution for each of our clients, with the highest professional standards.

Our services include:

1. Lease agreements:

  • Drafting of leases.
  • Contract termination and eviction proceedings (non-payment, precariousness, expiry of term).

2. Property purchase and sale contracts:

  • Drafting of purchase contracts.
  • Deposit and down payment contracts.
  • Contract termination proceedings (non-payment, non-performance, hidden defects, etc.).

3. Advice and drafting of Civil Law contracts.

Family Law

At AGM Abogados we are aware that this branch of Civil Law deals with issues that are not only technically complex but also sensitive for our clients.

We work with the most commitment to provide special attention and sensitivity to these matters, always prioritizing the interests of the client, looking in all cases for the welfare of minors, incapable persons and people in need of protection.

Our team of Civil Law lawyers include specialised lawyers in separations and divorces, both contentious and mutually agreed, modification of measures and enforcement of judgments for non-compliance with sentences.

Our Family Law services include:

  • Separations
  • Divorces
  • Modification of measures
  • Enforcement of court orders
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Marriage contracts
  • Settlement of community of property and other economic regimes
  • Settlement of joint estates
  • Incapacitation
  • Filiations

Why choose our Civil Law services?

  • Our firm, aware of the legal, economic and emotional implications that these Civil Law cases have for our clients, has a team of expert lawyers who work to provide personalised and humane advice, always attending to the particular circumstances of each case.
  • We maintain clear and transparent communication with our clients, always working with honesty and professional ethics.
  • Our teams of civil law lawyers in Barcelona and Madrid provide their services throughout Spain, travelling wherever you need them.

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