Civil Law

Modernity, the digital era, and the changing economic context have brought with them extensive regulatory developments for companies. In the Civil Corporate Compliance Department of AGM Abogados, we aim to ensure that our clients are aware of the latest regulations to avoid possible fines or sanctions. To this end, we offer legal advice on:


  • LOPD Compliance: our commitment guarantees that our clients comply with the LOPD regulations and do not have any problems in the event of possible audits. We analyse how companies manage data, informing our clients of their obligations and advising on how to implement possible solutions.
  • Information and e-commerce Compliance: we provide advice on how to meet the requirements and demands of specific e-commerce and information society regulations.
  • Compliance with competition rules: authorities at various levels impose requirements on companies to prevent abuse of a dominant position, as well as the formation of cartels and other agreements that restrict free competition in any way. At AGM Abogados we advise your company to prevent you from failing to comply with any obligation that may result in sanctions.


For other queries related to compliance with corporate regulations, please visit our Corporate Compliance section of the website.