Claiming unpaid insurance premiums

AGM Abogados provides an external service to collect unpaid premiums through a process that not only gives clear economic benefits when the amounts not paid by policyholders are credited to the company but also provides the possibility of annulling the policies deemed appropriate from an economic standpoint. This eliminates future risks and has also a direct impact on the company’s accounting by cancelling unnecessary provisions.


We have professionals specialising in the sector and, since 2011, we have managed the collections for large insurance companies, with a 41% success ratio in collections just in the extrajudicial phase, i.e. even before initiating legal proceedings.

How do we carry out the collection process?


  1. Notify the mediator: notification is sent by reliable means to the insurance broker, notifying that the premium has not been paid and the coverage has been suspended.

2. Directly claim the policyholder (within 6 months of the policy’s effective date):


  • Extrajudicial phase
  • Judicial phase

More details about our claims:

Extrajudicial phase

Judicial phase

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