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AGM Abogados legal advice and assistance services have distinguished themselves for over 35 years thanks to our firm’s presence in a strong international network of offices, and we have provided assistance to all kinds of companies, from SMEs to large multinational corporations both within and outside of Spain.

At this department we also handle the always complex corporate matters that may result from the policy of remunerating directors and board members or from the adoption of abusive and prejudicial resolutions by majority shareholders against the minority.


Further, we count on specialists that can help you to overcome the increasingly complicated legal and regulatory issues that organisations must manage in terms of constantly evolving new technologies: e-commerce and e-signatures, technology transfer, software contracts and licenses, etc.


As regards the new and much-mentioned General Data Protection Regulation, the AGM department offers both the service for analysis and evaluation of the present situation of companies to later make the modifications required, and for preparing the whole compliance protocol from the start to the end.


We can also provide assistance in conflicts related to intellectual and industrial property, such as copyrights and image rights, patents, trademarks, etc. and we give you advice to protect the interests of your business organisation.

Our team of professionals highly qualified and with solid experience in contractual matter is ready to advise your company on all kinds of contracts related to your activities, as well as on Commercial Law and all the invariably complex company affairs.

Some of our services includes:

Some of our services includes:

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