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Conflicts between partners

At AGM Abogados we advise companies and partners of companies in a situation of potential corporate conflict.
AGM Abogados  Conflicts between partners

At AGM Abogados we have lawyers who specialise in partnerships and who will assist you at all times to resolve conflicts between partners of your company.

We understand that companies have a complex structure and operation, which can lead to disagreements between majority and minority shareholders, or between shareholders and directors, who sometimes have conflicting interests.

Our preventive and specialist advice will help you to resolve these situations as soon as they happen, and we will guide you in drawing up anti-blocking agreements to avoid problems when the partners have the same shareholding percentage.

Who do we advise?

Our team of corporate lawyers advises companies and partners of companies in a situation of potential corporate conflict such as, for example:


Conflicts arising from the adoption of abusive and detrimental agreements by the majority shareholder with respect to the minority (such as unjustified capital increases, non-payment of dividends, lack of transparency, etc.).


Common disputes arising from the remuneration policy for directors and board members.


Conflicts arising from situations of deadlock in the decision-making process of the company’s partners.

What are our main services in the field of conflict resolution between partners?

The most common services we provide in the area of partner and shareholder defence are:

  • Preventive and corrective advice from lawyers who specialise in corporate law.
  • Extrajudicial management of conflicts between partners and/or with directors.
  • Design, negotiation and drafting of preventive instruments (shareholders’ agreements, voting and blocking syndicates, etc.) to avoid corporate conflicts.
  • Representation and defence of minority shareholders.
  • Legal defence before arbitration and judicial tribunals.
  • Comprehensive advice to corporations, family businesses and other legal entities.
  • Corporate agreements (capital increases and decreases, structural changes, group reorganisations, etc.).
  • Negotiation of shareholdings.
  • Challenging corporate resolutions.

Why choose our conflict resolution services between partners in Spain?

We offer effective and timely solutions with the aim of:

  • Allowing partners and shareholders to defend their rights and allowing the company’s activity to develop normally.
  • Avoiding irreparable damage to the company and to relationships between partners.

Do you need advice on conflicts between partners?

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