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Unfair competition

Our specialists in Commercial Law advise those companies that may have potential situations of unfair competition through employees, managers, etc., and with an important know-how to protect.
AGM Abogados Unfair competition

Unfair competition is a set of business practices designed to alter the normal functioning of the market so as to favour certain goods or services. This malpractice changes the economic behaviour of consumers, causing them to consume more of certain goods than others.

Our lawyers who specialise in unfair competition advise companies on how to avoid situations involving unfair competition, such as:

  • Misleading practices
  • Acts of confusion
  • Exploitation of another person’s reputation
  • Selling at a loss
  • Inducing breach of contract

Who do we advise?

Our lawyers who specialise in Trade Law advise those companies that may have potential situations of unfair competition through workers, managers, etc., and that have important know-how to protect.

What are our main unfair competition services?

At AGM Abogados we offer legal protection and the necessary legal mechanisms to defend the interests of our clients in this type of unfair acts, through actions such as:

  • Due Diligence: this service, which specialises in unfair competition deals specifically with addressing and preventing cases of unfair competition carried out by former employees.
  • Together with the Labour Law team, we work to avoid potential risks in particularly sensitive sectors that may be affected by this type of practice.
  • The declaratory action of disloyalty and other legal actions with which we can demand the cessation of the act.
  • The elimination of the effects caused.
  • Compensation for damages.
  • The rectification of incorrect information, even through higher judicial and institutional instances if necessary.

Why choose our unfair competition services?

  • We have extensive experience devising preventive strategies to avoid situations of unfair competition.
  • We are experts in structuring corrective and containment measures when situations have arisen.

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