As the context of business activities is increasingly seen from an international perspective, it is essential to appropriately manage the mobility of workers between countries in which the corporation operates, or to be able to hire talent from wherever you may find it.


We offer companies the necessary advice to manage this mobility, which we divide into:


Transfer of workers to Spain

  • Possibilities according to Law 14/2013 on support of entrepreneurs and their internationalisation:
    • Residence for highly-qualified professionals.
    • Intra-corporate transfers.
    • Residence for entrepreneurs.
    • Residence for investors in a business project.
    • Residence for training and R&D+i.
    • Prior report on the viability of hiring the qualified worker.
    • Processing of the corresponding visa and/or residence permit.
    • Complete management of residence permits for the worker and their family members.


  • Possibilities according to general immigration laws in Spain:
    • Residence and paid employment.
    • Residence and research work.
    • Temporary residence and work permits for highly-qualified professionals holding an EU Blue Card.
    • Temporary residence permits without authorisation to work.


  • Workers from within the European Union:
    • Processing of EU registration certificate.


Transfer of workers outside of Spain

  • Personalised study on the regulations relating to obtaining legal residence in the recipient country and the most appropriate option according to the interests of the company and the employee.
  • Processing of business visas and/or residence permits.
  • Cooperation with the network of immigration experts in the recipient country in order to process any necessary residence permits.


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