Company formation in Spain

The administrative formalities required to set up a company in Spain can be complex if you are not familiar with all the obligations and steps to be followed and, in general, the different stages of creation, although these formalities may vary depending on the legal form chosen, for which it will be necessary to consider several aspects, such as the number of shareholders, the share capital and liability towards third parties.

Setting up your business in Spain



At AGM Abogados we offer comprehensive legal advice to national and foreign investors interested in incorporating a company in Spain.


Services in this area include, among others:

  • Comprehensive advice provided to entrepreneurs and startups.
  • Obtaining the Foreigner Identification Number for foreign shareholders.
  • Obtaining the Tax Identification Number (NIF) for the creation of subsidiaries in Spain.
  • Declaration of foreign investment.
  • Formation of Limited Liability Company and Public Limited Companies.
  • Drafting of articles of association.
  • Drafting of shareholders’ agreements and other parasocial agreements.
  • Entrepreneur customer service desk.
  • Holding Company and Entities holding Foreign Securities (ETVE in Spanish).
  • Joint venture agreements.
  • Register of independent entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • Obtaining the digital certificate.
  • Advice on visas and residence permits for investors and entrepreneurs.
How to start a business in Spain

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