Consulting service

Until recently, services related to crime prevention were not linked to the activities of the company. However, nowadays, organisations have started to become very conscious of the importance of being able to rely on this type of service.


Companies may be victims of internal attacks, by fraud committed by their own employees or the management of the organisation, or suffer from external attacks.


On the other hand, the regulation of many activities and operations is particularly complex, and the legal consequences of improper behaviour may lead to criminal liability for the management or employees of the company. Members of the organisation may commit any kind of criminal offence, not only crimes for which the criminal liability of legal entities is anticipated.


The Criminal Department of AGM Abogados also offers a preliminary advisory service, in order to prevent the company falling victim to fraud, or criminal acts being committed by those inside the organisation. To do this, we rely on the collaboration of specialists from all branches of AGM Abogados, as well as experts in accounting and information technology.