Corporate Governance

AGM Abogados provides regular and ongoing advice on Corporate Governance matters for listed and non-listed companies. More specifically, our office’s corporate governance focuses on the application of the best practices implemented on a worldwide scale.

We start with the analysis of the characteristics of the company, the existing structure and its strategic objectives, to work out the best composition of the governing body (Shareholders or Partners Meetings and Board of Directors) as well as the Internal Control Commissions proving necessary for each case (remuneration and appointments, auditing, regulatory compliance, etc.).


For the Board of Directors we carry out a study of its composition to establish the ideal size and the best profiles as regards diversity, experience, age, expertise and gender. We provide the organisation with a design including the different type of directors (executive, proprietary and independent) and create internal regulations establishing their remuneration, duration, re-election, dismissal and succession, as well as the regularity and conduct of their meetings.


Occasionally, one of our partners intervenes in the Secretariat of the companies to facilitate a better comprehensive understanding of the needs of each Council, providing added value on issues such as the remuneration of the directors, the duty of loyalty or electronic voting.


Likewise, AGM Abogados has also acquired vast experience regarding the figure of the coordinating director, which is becoming ever more frequent in Spain, the purpose of which is to attempt to provide the Board with greater control in supervising management aspects. For this, the professionals at AGM Abogados work on directly providing the Coordinating Director services with a view to coordinating the general tasks of the Board, the Internal Commissions of said Board (remuneration and appointments, audits, regulatory compliance, etc…) and, to specifically define the periodic assessment of the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

We help to ensure that our clients achieve their objectives on a sustainable basis and with a corporate culture which is intended for the growth and consolidation of the business in the medium and long-term, thanks to the over 35 years for which we have giving advice to companies of all sectors and sizes.

Our team of Corporate Governance

Félix Navas Mir


Meritxell de Vilalta Bufurull


Vanessa Gañán Rincón


Jordi Rovira Esteve


Imma Figueras Sánchez


Carmen Rodríguez Calvo


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