Criminal defence for economic and corporate offences

The lawyers working in the Criminal Department of AGM Abogados are experts in the defence of individuals and corporations involved in all kinds of economic offences, having mediated various proceedings related to the following areas:


  • Fraudulent offences (frauds and misappropriations).
  • Offences against the Public Administration and Social Security.
  • Offences against heritage within the framework of the company.
  • Offences against the environment.
  • Offences resulting from new technologies.
  • Offences against workers’ rights.
  • Fraudulent bankruptcy (misappropriation of assets and fraudulent tenders).
  • Offences related to industrial and intellectual copyrights (copyrights, trademarks and patents).
  • Offences related to the discovery and disclosure of company secrets.
  • Company crimes (falsification of accounts, abuse of dominant positions, fraudulent administration, etc.).
  • Offences related to territorial and urban planning and environmental protection.
  • Offences related to the falsification of documents.
  • Offences related to bribery and the perversion of justice.


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