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Corporate reputation and social responsibility are intangible values for companies such as ours, and are becoming increasingly important and central to the success and sustainability of businesses.


As times move on, and aided by the opportunities that new technologies bring in terms of information management, economic offences of all kinds are becoming ever-more sophisticated, making it increasingly necessary for companies to be able to rely on the assistance of expert and highly-qualified professionals when it comes to these types of issues.

We have a team of highly specialised professionals in the criminal liability of legal persons, management and employees at your disposal.Thanks to our knowledge we also help companies to be able to foresee any kind of controversial situation through our consultancy service, preparing a system for prevention of criminal risks along with our clients and always bearing in mind the specific traits of the organisation.


Apart from this AGM Abogados provides its experience in the field of crimes against workers’ rights, in both the defence of interests of workers who have had accidents (in which it acts as a private prosecutor) and in the defence of companies and individuals investigated in this type of criminal proceedings.


In criminal defence, AGM Abogados does not only have an economic and business approach, but also has a specialised team of criminal lawyers who will be able to help you as a natural person in claims for traffic accidents, defence in crimes against life and body and physical and moral integrity or defence in privacy offences, amongst many others.

The lawyers in the Criminal Law Department of AGM Abogados specialise in the individual and corporate defence of all kinds of economic and corporate offences.


We are one of the firms recommended by Leaders League for the “White Collar Crime” category in Spain in 2020.

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Learn more about our services:

Learn more about our services:

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