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Criminal defence for individuals

At AGM Abogados we have a highly specialised team in Criminal Law which allows us to provide the best defence for our clients.
AGM Abogados Criminal defence for individuals

The person investigated as a possible perpetrator of a crime will be subject to a complex judicial process, which may end in a trial and a conviction, with the imposition of severe prison sentences or fines and the obligation to pay compensation.

On the other hand, individuals may be victims of crime. In these cases, it is also possible to intervene in the process, by filing a complaint in order to demand that the perpetrators of the crime be held liable and provide compensation for the damage caused.

At AGM Abogados we have a team of experts in Criminal Law that allows us to provide the best criminal defence in both cases.

Who do we advise?

Our lawyers, who are experts in Criminal Law, advise:

  • Persons who are being investigated or accused of committing crimes.
  • Persons who have been victims of crime or who have suffered some kind of damage as a result of crime.
  • Legal entities, associations and groups of people who have been affecred by crimes and who wish to bring criminal action.

What are our main Criminal defence services for individuals?

We handle the legal defence and private prosecution in all types of proceedings for crimes that may affect individuals, among which are:

  • Claims for traffic accidents.
  • Crimes against workers’ rights.
  • Crimes against life and moral integrity (murder, voluntary manslaughter and reckless homicide, injuries).
  • Crimes against freedom (illegal detention, kidnapping, threats, coercion).
  • Crimes against sexual freedom and indemnity (aggression, abuse and sexual harassment).
  • Crimes against privacy, the right to one’s own image and the inviolability of the home (discovery and disclosure of secrets and breaking and entering).
  • Crimes against honour (slander and libel).
  • Crimes against family rights and duties (child abduction, abandonment of family, non-payment of child support).
  • Crimes against property and against the socio-economic order (robbery, theft, misappropriation, fraud, punishable bankruptcy, damages).
  • Crimes against the Public Treasury.
  • Crimes against collective security (fires, crimes against public health, crimes against road safety).
  • Forgery.

Why choose our Criminal defence services for Individuals?

  • We are experienced criminal lawyers who have been involved in all types of proceedings, in all courts and at all levels, with a proven high success rate.
  • We also have extensive teaching experience in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure.
  • We liase with experts in all fields to produce the necessary expert reports as evidence in the proceedings.

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