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Crimes against workers’ rights

Our team has extensive experience in handling criminal cases involving accidents at work.
AGM Abogados Crimes against workers’ rights

When an occupational accident occurs at work, it is logical for the labour inspectorate to issue a report determining the causes of the accident and whether the company has breached any regulations relating to the prevention of occupational hazards.

Subsequently, it is common for criminal proceedings to follow, which may involve several parties.

On the one hand, the worker who has suffered the accident may bring criminal and/or civil actions to be compensated for the injuries they have suffered, and, on the other hand, both the company and its legal representatives and employees responsible for prevention may be investigated in said proceedings.

At AGM Abogados we have extensive experience, both in defending the interests of injured workers (where we act as private prosecutors), and in defending companies and individuals under investigation in this type of criminal proceedings.

Who do we advise?

At our firm we advise board members, directors, and managers, legal and Human Resources managers, as well as workers who have suffered an accident at work, providing them with specialised legal advice and guiding them through the process in a manner appropriate to each situation.

What are our main crimes against workers’ rights services?

The main services we provide in this area are:

  • Comprehensive advice from the day the claim is made until the case is closed or the sentence is passed by the Criminal Judge.
  • We defend both the accused and the company and its insurance company, offering a guaranteed defence throughout the entire criminal process.
  • We also offer the injured party the possibility of appearing on their behalf as private prosecutor, all in the interests of obtaining the best possible compensation for the injuries and sequelae resulting from the accident.

Why choose our crimes against workers’ rights services?

  • Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in the prosecution of workplace accidents, both as private prosecutor and in defence of the employers, companies and insurance companies.
  • We have a proven track record of success.
  • Our professionals have teaching experience in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure.

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