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Traffic accident claims

We provide comprehensive advice to those who have suffered a traffic accident.
AGM Abogados Traffic accident claims

At AGM Abogados we specialise in defending the interests of people who have been injured in traffic accidents, and we are known for having worked as lawyers for various companies for many years.

Who do we advise?

Our firm provides comprehensive advice to anyone who has been involved in a traffic accident, whether as a driver, occupant, passenger or pedestrian, so that they can exercise their rights with full guarantees.

What are our main traffic accidents services?

  • At AGM Abogados we provide a comprehensive service in the management of traffic accidents, advising from the day of the accident until the time of medical discharge.
  • We negotiate out of court with the insurance company to obtain the best compensation for your particular case.
  • We act in any court in Spain when filing lawsuits against insurance companies.

Why choose our services?

  • Our firm has access to renowned medical and accident reconstruction experts, whose input can be essential in defending the interests of our clients.
  • If our lawyers consider that the claim is viable, we will only charge a percentage of the compensation obtained.
  • In addition, it is common for the vehicle insurance policy to cover all or part of our legal fees. If this is the case, our firm will deal with the insurer directly to handle the payment.

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