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Internal corporate investigations

We provide advice to companies and foundations interested in preventing and detecting illegal activities.
AGM Abogados Internal corporate investigations

Organisations can fall victim to internal attacks, through fraud committed by their organisation’s own employees or managers, or by external attacks.

In addition, the regulation of many business activities or operations is particularly complex and regulatory breaches can result in criminal liability for company officers and employees. The members of the organisation may commit crimes, apart from those assigned to legal entities. In this context, criminal prevention services and internal investigations are of great importance for the proper development of the business activity.

Our firm has a team of professionals who specialise in crime prevention, helping companies to identify crime risks, assess the effectiveness of existing internal controls and implement policies and procedures to prevent and detect illegal activities.

Who do we advise?

At AGM Abogados we advise companies and foundations interested in preventing and detecting illegal activities within the company, such as fraud, corruption, money laundering and other crimes.

What are our main internal corporate investigations services?

The main services we provide in this area are:

  • Design and implementation of investigation protocols within criminal compliance systems.
  • Legal advice and investigation of internal complaints.
  • Due diligence of suppliers, clients, agents and partners.
  • Analysis of security in contracting and supplier payment systems.
  • Reactive investigation of suspected criminal acts.

Why choose our internal corporate investigations services?

  • Our team of lawyers are experts in Criminal Law, internal investigations, compliance and all areas of law related to business activity.
  • We have specialists in accounting, auditing and computer experts.
  • We are members of the Normative Technical Committee 307/SC1, on “compliance management systems and anti-corruption management systems” of the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR), which drafted the UNE-19601 Standard.

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