Crisis management and business continuity

Comprehensive solutions for the management of companies in crisis.


In business crisis situations, it is extremely important to react quickly. Being able to rely on a good strategy and plan the next steps to take is fundamental to ensuring the company’s viability and overcoming the crisis once and for all.

The comprehensive solution for business crisis management must include the best team of specialists with the necessary experience to enable a comprehensive strategy.


We count on a team of seasoned professionals that interpret the complex situations that may be faced in a crisis, in order to advise our clients and resolve their problems by looking for an optimal solution, taking into consideration the specific circumstances and needs of each case. This involves a multi-disciplinary group of highly-qualified specialists with a long history in the management of businesses, and solid experience at managerial level in large company organisations.


Each situation must be subject to specific analysis in order to find the best possible solution. The possibilities are multiple and can vary between:


  • Re-establishing a company by refinancing.
  • Buying or selling lines of business.
  • Liquidating non-strategic assets.
  • Restructuring the group or company.
  • Streamlining, curbing the deteriorating value of the brand.
  • Maximizing the value of credit or existing investments.
  • Maintaining control over management.
  • Avoiding the consequences at managerial level or in other business units or companies belonging to the same group.

AGM Abogados has over 35 years of experience in advising and working on the creation, implementation and development of business ventures.

Our experience ensures that we can offer a crisis management service that helps companies to resist and overcome the current economic situation, and enable them to grow stronger, ensure their viability and convert uncertainties into an opportunity.


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International scope: France and LATAM

Our firm has its own office in Paris, so we can deal with these types of proceedings both in Spain and France, if that is where the companies are present, and apply the prevailing legislation in each territory.


We also have a number of partners in Latin America, so we can provide advice to companies with headquarters and subsidiaries in those territories.

Our team of Crisis management and business continuity

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Banking & Finance

The Crisis Management and Business Continuity team specialises in providing banking & finance advice, especially on debt refinancing and restructuring, financing transactions (both banking financing and direct lending) and project finance. We also provide advice on financial transactions, structuring the guarantees for enforcement and for purchasing non-performing loans and non-core assets.


All of this is accompanied with tax advice to make the structures more efficient.


Crisis situations require creative solutions and diverse proposals for the numerous scenarios which may take place. That is why the multidisciplinary Crisis Management and Business Continuity team accompanies and provides advice to companies, managers, shareholders and creditors when searching for the best possible result.


We specialise in designing strategies to redirect the business and find common ground with the various stakeholders, providing advice in all the procedural phases regarding the financial, corporate, employment, taxation and business areas, so that we can provide comprehensive and high added value solutions to our clients.

Refinancing processes

The situations in which the companies find it difficult to meet their debt payments tend to be especially complicated for the management teams and shareholders. In such cases, one solution is to start a refinancing process to create structures that enable the companies to pay their debts and meet their medium- and long-term business perspectives.


The Crisis Management and Business Continuity team has extensive experience in dealing with the challenges in the refinancing processes such as cash tensions, structural problems, creditor enforcements and access to fresh money.


The scope of our advice goes from assessing the situation and providing several refinancing options to studying the viability plans and negotiating with the financial and trade creditors.


Our experience covers refinancing processes out of court and within the pre-bankruptcy proceedings.

Independent Business Reviews (IBRs)

Through IBRs, an independent third party objectively analyses the viability of a business plan. That is why they are very useful for refinancing processes, especially when the creditors doubt the company’s projections and ability to pay its debts.


Therefore, we provide advice to companies and creditors by issuing rigorous IBRs which include financial, commercial, legal, operational and business factors.


The IBRs can also be used for the refinancing processes subject to judicial approval in accordance with the Consolidated Text of the Bankruptcy Law.

Operational restructuring

Crisis situations often require operational restructuring, so our multidisciplinary team advises managers to control cash flow, optimise working capital and capex, reduce costs, adapt budgets and improve margins.


Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to deal with operational restructuring in a fast way, proposing containment plans and allowing the management team to make decisions for the company’s viability.


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