Corporate debt refinancing processes

We deal with debt restructurings in an agile manner, proposing containment plans and allowing the management team to make decisions for the viability of the company, from a legal and financial point of view.
AGM Abogados Corporate debt refinancing processes

Corporate crisis situations often require restructuring the company’s debt, negotiating with its creditors, whether banks, suppliers or trade creditors, and reaching agreements that allow the company to return to normal business operations.

Our experience covers out-of-court debt restructuring processes as well as pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy proceedings.

Who do we advise?

At AGM Abogados we advise entrepreneurs, directors and financial managers of companies in a financial crisis.

We work to provide the right advice on the debt refinancing process so that companies can successfully overcome their crisis.

What are our main corporate restructurings services?

Our main debt restructuring services are:

  • Assessment of the situation: cash flow tensions, structural problems, creditor foreclosures, access to fresh money, etc.
  • Study and assistance in drawing up viability plans.
  • Negotiations with financial and trade creditors.
  • Operational restructuring: evaluation of cash flows, advice on optimising working capital and CAPEX, evaluation of cost reduction plans and other operational measures.

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