Independent Business Reviews (IBRs)

We advise companies in financial difficulties that are facing a refinancing and/or restructuring process, objectively analysing their economic and financial viability.
AGM Abogados Independent Business Reviews (IBRs)

Through the Independent Business Reviews (IBRs), an independent third party objectively analyses the economic and financial viability of the business plan of a company that is managing its way out of a crisis situation.

AGM provides a rigorous and independent assessment of the business plan, financing needs and cash generation methods, which enables creditors and investors to have greater assurance about the projections made by the debtor regarding the company’s future viability.

Who do we advise?

The Independent Business Review service, provided by AGM’s Crisis Management team, is aimed at companies in financial difficulties that are in the process of refinancing and/or restructuring, especially in cases where creditors doubt the company’s projections and ability to repay its debt.

What are our main Independent Business Review (IBR) services?

Our services include:

  • Providing an overview and history of the business.
  • Analysing the viability plan and financial projections prepared by the company and assessing the reasonableness of the assumptions and the consistency of the viability plan.
  • Determining the short- and long-term financing needs.
  • Analysing the reasonableness of the cash flows to service the debt within a financing approach.

Why choose our Independent Business Review (IBR) services?

  • AGM provides comprehensive, highly specialised and value-added services focused on achieving innovative legal and financial solutions for refinancing and restructuring procedures for businesses in crisis situations.
  • We rely on a multidisciplinary team capable of assisting our clients in the various phases of the process.

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