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When it comes to recovering unpaid debts, the various verbal or telephone reminders that can be made are usually followed by a letter of formal notice. But if none of this works, a legal claim is necessary. At AGM Abogados, we are conscious of the difficulties caused by payment defaults in business, and the bureaucratic efforts involved in the attempt to recuperate these amounts.

Our group of seasoned lawyers is committed to the interests of their clients, right until the end of the process. With this clear focus on the success of our clients in such situations, we have gone a step further by linking all or part of our fees to the recovery of the monetary amounts claimed.


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  • We offer our experience and expertise in assigning liability to corporate directors in cases where the debtor company is insolvent or ceases to exist.
  • We guarantee our commitment and efficiency in the execution of court proceedings. By linking a large part of our fees to the success of the debt recovery, we must be able to realise the claim.
  • We take care of the judicial and pre-judicial debt claims before civil and, where appropriate, commercial courts. In both phases of the claim, we link our fees to success; hence our priority is the judicial enforcement of the claim (i.e., converting the court proceedings into recovered credit).
  • We have strong specialisation in the areas of foreclosures and assigning liability to the management of insolvent companies or companies that cease to exist.

Therefore, we offer our clients highly professional and expert advice from a team of experienced lawyers with proven credibility in such uncomfortable situations.

Our Debt Recovery team

Félix Navas Mir


Meritxell de Vilalta Bufurull


Vanessa Gañán Rincón


Jordi Rovira Esteve


Imma Figueras Sánchez


Carmen Rodríguez Calvo


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