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Debt collection

Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in insolvency and default situations, which allows us to offer a customised service adapted to the needs of each client.
AGM Abogados Debt collection

Through our Debt Collection service (also known as Efficient Default Management), we provide customised comprehensive legal advice to our clients on how to claim debts in or out of court.

Our specialised debt collection service has more than 15 years of experience and is provided as follows:

  • We analyse the possibility of collecting the debt in or out of court and seek information about the debtor’s solvency.
  • Depending on the results, we decide whether or not to prosecute. Therefore, we try to negotiate with the debtor.
  • If the debtor does not pay within a reasonable period of time, we choose the most appropriate type of legal action and file it.
  • Once a favourable judgement is obtained, we initiate the enforcement process to obtain effective collection and the legal costs.

Who do we advise?

Our debt collection lawyers work with clients in the most dynamic and major sectors of our economy:

Thanks to our clients, we have in-depth multi-sector knowledge of the various default situations.


Insurance sector.


Industrial and energy sector.


Financial sector.


Hospitality and restaurant sector.


Fashion retail sector.


Transport sector.


Telecommunications sector.


Construction and large infrastructure sector.

What are our main Debt Collection services?

Interviews with clients

Before working with them and with a view to providing a customised service, we arrange an interview with their financial management and/or general management to find out about their default record (their default profile, the case mix, the debt date, etc.).

Out-of-court and in-court actions required to collect debt

We immediately start the out-of-court and in-court actions required to collect the existing debt.

Actions to recover VAT

We carry out all the actions required until recovering the VAT on the unpaid bills.

Regular information about the debt status

We ensure full traceability and continuous information on the status of the cases opened.

Debt collection, except in the case of a debtor’s unforeseen insolvency

We show great initiative and are proactive in moving forward and concluding the cases to bring the biggest possible benefit to our clients.

Prevention and minimisation of future default

We advise our clients on how to draft their General Sales Terms and Conditions to end future default.

Why choose our Debt Collection services?

  • EDM is a service provided by a law firm, not a debt collection call centre.
  • Our team comprises highly specialised and extremely qualified professionals with extensive experience in insolvency and default situations.
  • We provide a customised service that is 100% tailored to meet each client’s needs.
  • We strive to prevent and minimise future default by advising clients on how to draft their General Sales Terms and Conditions to ensure judicial recovery under the most favourable conditions.
  • We provide a completely personalised and direct service, in which clients have the contact details of the lawyers allocated to their cases.

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