Employment advice

Our practice gives employment advice to companies and individuals in order to cooperate in decision-making to prevent conflict and contribute to a good working atmosphere.


We offer a full range of consultancy by means of close cooperation with companies, covering the most diverse aspects of organisations’ labour relations, and could highlight, merely for illustrative purposes:


  • Working conditions, ordinary relations and senior management, implementation of special clauses in view of the customer’s needs (exclusiveness, non-post contractual competition, use of technological tools, confidentiality, and protection of knowhow …).
  • National and transnational geographical mobility, individual or in groups.
  • Functional mobility.
  • Substantial modifications to working conditions, either individual or collective, in order to optimise the human resources available.
  • Salary structures, creation and implementation of remuneration systems in accordance with the company’s needs.
  • Disciplinary proceedings.
  • Procedures for severance of employees, either ordinary staff or senior management.
  • Attendance at processes for purchasing and selling companies and business restructuring processes, in close cooperation with the other professionals involved.
  • Representation of the workers at the company.
  • Occupational risk prevention.
  • Equity plans.
  • Collective bargaining.


The advice given by AGM Abogados is of a proactive, anticipatory and preventive nature in order to ensure employment relations complying with rules and considering the workers’ participation, as a way to attain company objectives in a respectful, safe and healthy way.