Lawyers specialised in Employment and Labour Law

The advice provided by our lawyers who specialise in Labour Law is proactive, anticipatory and preventive in nature.
AGM Abogados Employment and Labour Law

The strategic, efficient and professional management of labour relations has become one of the keys to the success of organisations.

Our lawyers who specialise in Labour and Social Security Law provide qualified and comprehensive advice. They also have extensive experience in all areas of Employment and Labour Law and are capable of resolving any individual, plural or collective dispute.

Who do we advise?

Our labour lawyers offer legal advice to national and multinational companies, with the main objective of helping our clients to strategically manage their workforce, complying with the labour and social security regulations in force at all times.

What are our main services in Employment and Labour Law?

Equality plans for companies

AGM Abogados’ Labour team provides a full range of services and advice in the preparation of Equality Plans for companies. We also provide assistance in the management of the Salary Auditing and the Remuneration Register.

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Civil liability arising from occupational accidents

At AGM we offer comprehensive advice to both employees and insurance companies in the field of claims derived from work-related accidents at all stages of the process.

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Collective bargaining

Our collective bargaining services include:

  • Issues related to labour relations in organisations of any sector and territorial scope.
  • Processes for the election of workers’ representatives.
  • Negotiation of sectoral and company collective bargaining agreements.
  • Extra-statutory covenants and company agreements.
  • Processes of collective modification of workers’ working conditions (including viability and social plans and negotiation in the restructuring of the workforces of companies in any sector).
  • Assistance in employment regulation proceedings (ERE – Employment Regulation Files / and ERTE – Temporary Workforce Reduction Plans).

Senior management recruitment

Our senior management recruitment services include:

  • Advice, negotiation and preparation of contracts and clauses for senior management staff.
  • Negotiation of specific clauses according to the characteristics of the hiring company.
  • Advice and negotiation of special and personalised remuneration conditions.
  • Legal assistance in the process of dismissal of senior management, for any reason.

Labour auditing. Due diligence

Our Labour audit and Due Diligence services are carried out during the acquisition process of new companies (merger or spin-off) and organisations wishing to review their legal labour situation.

Our team of labour lawyers performs an audit and legal-labour analysis of the conditions applicable in the companies and their compliance with current labour legislation, with recommendations for future (or immediate) application to help improve and minimise negative events in the field of labour relations and human resources of organisations.

Assistance before Public Administrations

We offer legal assistance before any Social Security Administration, as well as any public entity related to Labour and Social Security Law, including the General Treasury of the Social Security, the National Institute of Social Security, the Wage Guarantee Fund, the Labour Inspection and the Department of Labour, Social Affairs and Families.

Social Security Law

We offer comprehensive advice on all Social Security related processes, including:

  • Disability applications.
  • Temporary and permanent disability.
  • Contributory and non-contributory pensions.
  • Unemployment.
  • Death.
  • Survival.

Defence before the Labour Courts and Tribunals

Our main services in the area of defence before the Labour Courts and Tribunals are:

  • Legal defence against claims of all types and nature that are brought against our clients.
  • Filing of claims and follow-up of the process during all procedures and incidents.
  • Proceedings in first and sole instance and/or appeals before the different competent judicial bodies (Courts, High Courts of Justice, National High Court, Constitutional Court), throughout the national territory.
  • Legal assistance in non-judicial procedures and proceedings (conciliations, arbitrations, mediations).

Collective layoffs, downsizing plans, furloughs and restructurings

We offer comprehensive advice on collective dismissals (downsizing plans, in the preparation, development and execution phases, as well as in furloghs).

We also provide comprehensive advice on collective measures of internal flexibility, including substantial modifications of working conditions, non-application of the working conditions provided by agreement, transfers and geographical modifications and irregular distribution of working hours.

Why choose our Employment and Labour Law services?

  • The advice provided by our lawyers who specialise in Labour Law is proactive, anticipatory and preventive in nature, in order to achieve labour relations that comply with the regulations and take into account the participation of workers, and thus achieve business objectives in a respectful, safe and healthy environment.
  • Our firm offers labour advice to companies and individuals with the aim of collaborating in decision making, avoiding conflicts and contributing to a good working environment.
  • We work closely with companies to offer comprehensive advice on all aspects of labour relations.

Do you need advice on Employment and Labour Law?

AGM has been recognised by Acquisition International as the Best Global Employment Legal Advice Firm in 2022.

AGM has been recognised by Acquisition International as the Best Global Employment Legal Advice Firm in 2022.

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