Equality Plans for companies

The changes to the employment regulations made by Royal Decree Law 6/2019 of March 1st focus on measures fostering equal treatment and opportunities between men and women in employment and occupation.

Therefore, equality plans will be mandatory for companies.

Who is required to have an equality plan?


Companies with over 50 workers in any sector. They must have an equality plan during the transitional period of 3 years, starting from March 7th 2019.

What happens if my company does not have an equality plan?

The lack of an equality plan can lead to economic penalties with fines of up to €225,018 or the loss of grants, allowances and, in general, benefits from applying the employment programmes.

When does it come into force?


Depending on the number of employees, the following transitional periods apply for companies for the approval of Equality Plans:

  • More than 150 employees: should already be implemented.
  • Between 100 and 150 employees: should already be implemented (March 2021).
  • Between 50 and 100 employees: March 2022.
  • Less than 50 employees: not mandatory.

If your company has over 50 workers and you do not yet have an equality plan, let our employment lawyers advise you.

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