ESG Regulatory compliance and sustainability

We provide consultancy and prevention services to companies in all matters related to ESG criteria and sustainability.
AGM Abogados Regulatory compliance and sustainability

At AGM Abogados, we put our experience and knowledge of ESG criteria and sustainability at the service of our clients.

The enormous volume of European, national, local and sectoral ESG and sustainability legislation means that companies do not know exactly what obligations they have to comply with and, if they do know the legislation, they do not always know whether they are applying it correctly. That lack of knowledge can often put companies at risk of committing crimes or offences of which they are often unaware and which can be prevented by implementing a comprehensive compliance system.

Who do we advise?

We provide professional guidance and legal defence to companies whose scope of development or action applies ESG criteria plus those that want to act in a sustainable manner to carry out their business in accordance with ESG criteria.

We provide our legal services to companies with clarity and efficiency, designing the best practices for each client.

What are our main ESG and Sustainability services?

Regulation and regulatory compliance

At AGM, we analyse the applicable environmental, social and governance regulations on a case-by-case basis.

  • We analyse the company’s ESG status through an internal audit.
  • We support our clients in the processes required to obtain ESG certifications.
  • We design internal policies and codes of conduct, adapting best practices to each company’s reality.

Advice and response to ESG analysts and investors

At present, access to certain sources of financing requires the prior adoption of certain ESG policies since investors minimise their risk and enhance their market reputation by investing in safe and socially responsible companies. Therefore, having such ESG policies in place at the right time can be an opportunity to secure the desired financing.

At AGM, we provide comprehensive advice to companies to align their business strategies with ESG criteria as a strategic opportunity to obtain new sources of financing.


Environmental compliance is a key aspect of the ESG criteria. Environmental regulations at European, national and regional level are abundant and constantly evolving, so it is essential for companies to be aware of their obligations in order to prevent both potential infringements and the reputational risk of being responsible for an environmental accident.

AGM provides the following environmental services:

  • Case-by-case analysis of environmental legal obligations.
  • Environmental due diligence.
  • Environmental risk assessment studies arising from compliance with Spanish Act 26/2007 on Environmental Liability.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

The social aspects of the ESG criteria focus on the companies’ relations with their social environment and reflect their corporate values. Proper compliance with social obligations is essential for strengthening the links with their stakeholders, including employees.

Many companies are aware of this importance, especially the need to ensure equality, diversity and inclusion, but good advice is key to tailoring those requirements to the specific circumstances of each company.

In this regard, AGM Abogados provides comprehensive services and advice on how to draft companies’ equality plans.

We also assist in drafting protocols against sexual and workplace harassment plus discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as the LGTBI protocol.

More information about equality plans


To ensure that companies comply with ESG criteria and corporate sustainability, it is essential to comply with good governance criteria that guide the entire corporate strategy.

Corporate Social Responsibility has evolved and is no longer limited to sporadic acts but requires integration into the company’s business model. This enables companies to manage environmental, social and economic challenges while developing competitive and differentiated strategies. We provide advice on corporate social responsibility issues and draft plans, prepare materiality studies to identify internally and externally relevant sustainability issues, and prepare Corporate Social Responsibility and Integrated Social Responsibility Reports.

  • Sustainability-based remuneration plans.
  • Ethical Codes.
  • Anti-corruption policies (ethical channels).
  • Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing policies.
  • Integration of the SDGs and Global Compact principles into the companies’ strategic plans.

More information about ethical channels

Human rights

The international human rights regulations have traditionally only required states to protect the human rights of their citizens. However, it is now understood that companies are also required to comply with human rights standards to ensure that violations do not occur as a result of their business activities.

AGM Abogados provides advice and support in all matters related to human rights through the following services:

  • Drafting of human rights policies such as policies against forced labour, against child exploitation, against exploitation of illegal immigration, etc.
  • Representation and advice on claims for violations in and out of court (national and international).

Why choose our ESG services?

  • Good ESG and sustainability monitoring and compliance is a key driver of long-term value creation for companies.
  • There are abundant regulations that establish obligations for companies depending on their sectoral scope and size, with the clear objective of being applicable to any company operating in the European and international market.
  • We have a cross-cutting team that specialises in providing legal certainty to clients in light of the regular barrage of environmental, social and governance legislation. Our team keeps abreast of legislative developments affecting this new discipline and provides customers with clarity on their obligations, crime prevention strategies and best practices.
  • Applying good ESG criteria by companies to their business when this is not yet required by law is positive since this means keeping one step ahead of regulation, which is a competitive advantage. On the other hand, it represents an additional business opportunity by meeting the mandatory requirements imposed by public administrations to be able to bid, as well as by large companies to their suppliers. The AGM Abogados team specialises in accompanying its clients on the road to corporate sustainability.

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