Webinar | What is the residency situation of a foreigner who has been dismissed?

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We explain what happens when these redundancies affect foreign workers and how to regularise their immigration status.

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calendar_month 8/6/2023  

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Foreign employees in multinationals in the tech and big tech sectors.

As we mentioned in our article “Record number of technology layoffs in Spain“, the technology labor market in Spain is in high demand at the moment. Technology companies are in a trend of hiring more foreign staff, allowing Spain to consolidate as a digital talent Hub (SpAIn Talent Hub) enhanced by a combination of factors such as quality of life, attractiveness for investors and a more favorable regulatory framework with the recent approval of the Startups Law (for entrepreneurs and digital nomads).

However, there is also a wave of layoffs within the tech sector, especially in large multinationals such as Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Wallbox, Typeform, IBM, HP, and Glovo, as they look to cut costs in their oversizing.

What happens when these layoffs affect foreign workers and how to regularise their immigration status? We explain all the details in our webinar.


  • Spain’s technology labour market: wave of layoffs and the need to recruit foreign talent.
  • Residency situation after being dismissed focused with a Highly Qualified Work Permit (unemployment help and new hiring company). Requirements. Benefits and disadvantages.
  • Modifying the status through a regular Work Permit Employment. Achieving long term residency and citizenship.