French Desk

In 2008, we opened our French Desk with great enthusiasm, with the aim of accompanying our clients in their international development.
AGM Abogados French Desk

AGM Abogados’ French Desk is made up of a team of French and Spanish multidisciplinary lawyers, licensed in both countries and practising in France and Spain. Depending on the needs of our clients, we offer legal advisory services from France or Spain.

Our lawyers have a dual background in French and Spanish law, an in-depth knowledge of the business and cultural environment of both countries, and the ability to communicate with clients in their own language.


Legal advice in France and Spain from bilingual lawyers


Our French Desk offers comprehensive advice to French-speaking companies investing or operating in Spain or Latin America. We also advise Iberian and Latin American companies on their operations in France.

These services are offered in French for French-Speaking clients based in Spain or France, or in Spanish for Spanish-speaking clients based in France.

We regularly collaborate with organisations and institutions such as ICEX in France, Business France and ACCIÓ, both in Spain and France.

Meet our French Desk team

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