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I’ve just completed my studies in Spain… Could I be hired by a Spanish Entity in Spain?

The Immigration laws will allow you to apply for a work permit directly in Spain under student status. Depending on what they are offering you different work permits will apply.

As a student in Spain there would be 3 different work permit options:

  • Highly Qualified. Certain minimum salary conditions (41,000€/year or 31,000€/year, if minor 30 years old and PYME Company) and job functions may apply. If you are a graduate of a well-known university or business school requirements can be reduced.
  • Work Internship Permit. Position related to your studies. Studies completed. Maximum 1 year. Salary conditions according to the Collective Agreement of Workers.
  • Cuenta Ajena Work Permit. Only if you have been 3 continuous years in Spain. If you are related to an EU national you can apply for the permit known as “Tarjeta de Familiar Comunitario” that will allow you to work either as an employer or self-employment.

I do not have a job offer yet and my student permit is expiring. Could I apply for the job search visa and convert it once I found a hiring company to sponsor me?

Yes. You can either apply for the highly qualified internship work permit under a job search visa during any moment of its validity.

Does the student permit count for the long-term residency in Spain?

There are 2 types of long-term residencies in Spain and one of them will allow you to count half of the student period for achieving the total 5 years required.

Does the job search visa, highly qualified, or internship permit counts for Spanish citizenship?

Yes, it does. Habitually you are allowed to apply for Spanish citizenship after completing 10years of legal and continuous residency, but certain nationalities are reduced up to 2 years.

How can we help you?

We are specialized in advising and managing Immigration and International Mobility in Spain.

We offer students all the necessary advice and assistance through:

  • Advice and personalized legal study on your work & residency possibilities, according to the Spanish Immigration laws reviewing your job offers, job profile, and requirements.
  • Legal assistance for processing your work permit in Spain through the different possibilities within the Spanish Immigration laws. We can also advise and assist with your partner-couple residency as a dependent.
  • Advice and assistance for processing your student permit extension and job search visa after completing your studies.

If you need advice don’t hesitate to contact us.

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