The Immigration Department at AGM Abogados advises both companies and individuals, as well as immigration agencies and other intermediary agents involved in migration processes.


As the context of business activities is increasingly seen from an international perspective, it is essential to appropriately manage the mobility of workers between countries in which the corporation operates, or to be able to hire talent from wherever you may find it. We offer companies the necessary advice to manage this mobility.


We offer the necessary advice to establish your residence, or that of your family, in Spain, as well as in relation to the issuing of short-term visas, and regularising situations once already in the country. Further, we are able to give advice on the proper maintenance of your residence processed in your name, and on any renewals or modifications to permits that are necessary to obtain Spanish citizenship.

Migration agencies

We offer migration agencies comprehensive services that include advice and management relating to all procedures to obtain residence permits for their clients, according to the migration programme that best suits their needs and personal circumstances.

Posted workers

There are a lot of companies moving their workers abroad. This task supposes an intern process related to labour, tax and visas that are not always managed in an appropriate manner.

We understand that deadlines are often essential in migratory issues. Our service extends to all phases of the process, from the initial assessment and preparation of the documentation, to the management and presentation of the dossier and its follow-up, as well as legal direction in administrative proceedings, always taking into account the importance of obtaining the permit as quickly as possible.

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We can provide comprehensive guidance and assistance in obtaining the residence and/or work permits that best fit your profile or interests from the current range of permits available in Spain or the recipient country, whether inside or outside the European Union.

Our Immigration team

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Meritxell de Vilalta Bufurull


Montserrat Marcos Parra


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Jordi Rovira Esteve


Imma Figueras Sánchez


Carmen Rodríguez Calvo


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