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Our lawyers have more than 20 years of experience in immigration matters and in-depth knowledge of immigration issues.
AGM Abogados Immigration Law

Our expert lawyers in Immigration, International Mobility and Foreign Citizens provide comprehensive advice to companies, individuals, entrepreneurs and investors in all migratory processes.

Our Immigration team, led by María Eugenia Blasco, comprises professionals with extensive experience, knowledge and skills that provide the best solution to the migration needs of both companies and individuals.

We have an empathetic and approachable team that understands the challenge of starting an enterprise or moving to a new country and, therefore, accompanies clients throughout the entire migratory process with the aim of providing peace of mind and security and relieving them of the bureaucratic burdens.

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Our expert lawyers in Immigration and Foreign Citizens have more than 20 years of experience in immigration matters and an in-depth knowledge of migration issues.

Our Immigration and International Mobility service provides assistance throughout the entire migratory process, accompanying the clients even before they leave their country of origin and guiding and representing them at all stages of the process:

Initial assessment.
Documentation review.
File preparation.
Management and submission (online or in person) of the application.
Representation, assistance and monitoring throughout the process.
Accompaniment in procedures arising from their status as foreigners.
Legal direction in judicial review proceedings.

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