Intra-company transfers

At AGM Abogados we provide specialised advice to multinational companies, accompanying them throughout the process of applying for this authorisation.
AGM Abogados Intra-company transfers

There is a permit that allows non-EU professionals to reside in Spain for intra-company transfers, i.e. they are temporarily relocated to the country as part of an employment relationship with a company or group of companies based in several countries, while maintaining their contract in the country of origin.

Such professionals must also be specialists and have specialised knowledge related to the activity to be carried out. In addition, the employer must demonstrate that the employee’s transfer is necessary and beneficial for the organisation.

AGM Abogados provides proper and timely assistance to multinational companies throughout the process of applying for this type of authorisation.

How can AGM help you?

Our Immigration and International Mobility team can help your company by:

  • Providing specialised advice on the whole process, both to the company that transfers the workers and to the company that receives them, from an immigration, tax, employment and Social Security standpoint.
  • Taking care of managing, processing and advising on the preparation of the documentation for the entire intra-company transfer process.
  • Submitting the applications and monitoring them until the residence permit and foreigner identity card are obtained, if applicable.

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