Residency for employees

Our goal is to ensure that our clients meet all the necessary requirements to guarantee a successful application thanks to the knowledge and experience of our immigration lawyers.
AGM Abogados Residency for employees

The Residence Authorisation for Employees is a procedure aimed at any company interested in hiring a foreign worker, who may be in Spain (in a legal residence situation) or in their country of origin.

To apply for this permit, you must comply with the requirements and documentation set out in the immigration regulations.

AGM’s Immigration and International Mobility team, through the knowledge and experience of our lawyers, ensures that our clients meet all the necessary requirements to guarantee a successful application. We help companies avoid costly mistakes and achieve their goals faster.

How can AGM help you?

We advise companies on the process of applying for a work permit as an employee in Spain, which can sometimes be complex, with effective and timely advice.

The services we offer in relation to the process of living and working as an employee are the following:

  • We offer advice on the preparation of the necessary documentation and its verification for applications for initial residency as an employee.
  • We take care of the preparation of the necessary forms for the application.
  • We manage the payment of administrative fees.
  • We take care of the electronic submission of applications on behalf of the client, where possible, or if it is necessary to go in person for the employer, we arrange for the necessary appointment and accompany the client on the day of the appointment.
  • We follow up on the files until their resolution, including responding to requests for documentation where necessary.
  • We manage the appointments and forms required for the visa application.
  • Once the visa has been obtained and the client is in Spain, we will arrange the necessary appointment to process the residence card, prepare the documentation, forms and fees.
  • We will guide you through the residence card process (if required).

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*The first appointment has a fee that would be deducted from the final budget if you accept our quote.