Visas for entrepreneurs and investors in Spain

We take care of all the legal formalities while you take care of your business and/or investments.
AGM Abogados Visas for entrepreneurs and investors in Spain

AGM Abogados has professionals who are experts in the processing of visas for both entrepreneurs and investors:

  • The entrepreneurs are foreigners who plan to carry out an activity in Spain of an innovative nature and/or with special economic interest for the country, where they themselves are part of the project and the main driving force behind it.
  • The investors are foreigners who make a significant investment in Spain: real estate assets (€500,000); shares or equity units in Spanish companies, Spanish investment funds or bank deposits (€1,000,000); public debt (€2,000,000); or business projects considered to be of general interest in Spain. In this case, their involvement in the project is only financial and they obtain a residence permit in Spain, but they are not required to live in the country for a minimum period of time.

What are our main visa services for entrepreneurs and investors in Spain?

Why choose our visa services for entrepreneurs and investors in Spain?

  • Our professionals are immigration lawyers with more than 20 years of experience in the sector.
  • We analyse our clients’ interests from both the standpoint of the investment and its purpose with regard to the possibilities of residency in Spain and recommend the option that best suits them.
  • We provide a comprehensive, approachable and personalised assistance service.

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