Residency for entrepreneurs in Spain

Our team offers full support to the entrepreneur throughout the entire process of launching his or her project in Spain.
AGM Abogados Residency for entrepreneurs in Spain

Residency for entrepreneurs is designed for non-EU citizens who want to carry out an innovative entrepreneurial activity that is beneficial to the Spanish economy.

The project’s business plan, the entrepreneur’s professional profile and involvement in the project, the sources of funding and the added value for the economy (innovation, job creation or investment opportunities) will be decisive in the application.

How can AGM help you?

AGM’s Immigration and International Mobility team can help you as follows:

  • We provide full support to entrepreneurs throughout the entire process of launching their entrepreneurial project in Spain.
  • Our professionals assess whether the activity they want to carry out in Spain will be considered suitable for this type of process, conducting a specialised analysis of the business plan and their professional profile.
  • We also provide advice to entrepreneurs from an immigration, tax and commercial standpoint.

Do you need advice on residency for entrepreneurs in Spain?

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Can we help you?

Write to us and we will advise you on the residency procedure for entrepreneurs.

*The first appointment has a fee that would be deducted from the final budget if you accept our quote.