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We help people to manage all residency, renewal and nationality procedures.
AGM Abogados Immigration services for individuals

We can provide you with the necessary advice to establish your and/or your family’s residence in Spain, or to regularise your situation if you are already in the country. We are also familiar with all the necessary procedures involved in maintaining your residency (renewals or changes to permits required) and obtaining Spanish nationality.

We understand that immigration procedures can be complex and difficult to understand, sometimes even frustrating because of having to deal with the Government and the lack of information they provide. At AGM Abogados, we are here to help and guide you through the process.

What services do we offer?

International Working from home (Digital Nomads)

AGM Abogados’ team of Immigration and International Mobility specialists provides advice and assistance in applying for residency for digital nomads who wish to settle and work in Spain.

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Community citizens (Family Card and EU Certificate)

The Residence Card for EU family members is intended for those persons who are direct relatives of someone with Spanish nationality or of another country of the European Union (EU), allowing them to reside and work in Spain for 5 years.

The EU Certificate can be obtained by any citizen with nationality of a European Union (EU) country, who wishes to reside and/or work in Spain for a period of more than 3 months.

Non-profit residence

This type of residence permit allows foreigners (who are not citizens of the European Union) to stay in Spain for a minimum of 6 months per year if they wish to settle in the country without the intention of working. They must prove that they have sufficient financial resources and health insurance.


This type of authorisation makes it possible to regularise the administrative situation of foreigners who are not citizens of the European Union (EU) and who are already in Spain in an irregular situation. Depending on your case there are different options:

  • Social settlement: allows those who have been in Spain for 3 years and have a work contract or have direct family members legally residing in Spain with sufficient resources to regularise their situation.
  • Labour settlement: for those who wish to regularise their situation, have been in Spain for 2 years and can prove that they have worked for at least 6 months with a work permit or residence permit.
  • Family settlement:
    • Parents or guardians of minors of Spanish nationality.
    • Spouse or recognised stable partner with a person of Spanish nationality.
    • Children or grandchildren of Spanish nationals.
    • Parents of Spaniards over 65 years of age or under 65 years of age who can prove that they are dependents.
  • Training settlement: allows those who have been in Spain for 2 years and who wish to undertake one of the training courses established by regulations to regularise their status.


There are several ways to apply for Spanish nationality:

  • Nationality by residence for those foreign citizens who can prove a certain period of legal residence, continuous and prior to submitting the application for nationality, in the case of obtaining the Spanish National Identity Card and Passport, and who can keep their previous nationality in the cases established by the Spanish Civil Code.
  • Nationality by option. There are certain cases in which it is possible to obtain nationality without having previously resided in Spain, for example, if you are the child of a Spaniard born in Spain, or if you are the minor child of a Spaniard who has been nationalised, among other cases.
  • Nationality through the Democratic Memory Law.

Family reunification

Administrative procedure for foreigners from outside the European Union (EU) who legally reside in our country and who wish to be reunited in Spain with their common-law partner or spouse, their children or those of their partner or spouse, or their own ascendants or those of their spouse or partner.

Through this process, they can request that the family members they wish to join them in Spain be granted a residence and work permit, after obtaining a visa from the Spanish Consulate in their country of origin. The residence permit entitles the applicant to work, is subject to the maintenance of the family member’s residence and is valid for the same period of time as the family member’s residence.


We manage any type of renewal of residence or study permits on your behalf, both those covered by the General Immigration Law and the Entrepreneurs Law.

We will prepare the file, submit the application on your behalf and accompany you and follow up the process until you receive your new residence card.

Why choose AGM?

  • Our team has over 20 years’ knowledge and experience to make these migration processes faster and easier.
  • We provide personalised advice and offer you the best solution and alternatives depending on your situation.
  • We provide support, follow-up and assistance throughout the process.
  • You will avoid delays and time wasting in all the bureaucratic procedures. We take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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