Residency for training, research and RDI

Our firm provides comprehensive and personalised advice to companies or entities in the processing of applications for residence permits for training and research in Spain.
AGM Abogados Residency for training, research and RDI

The residence permit for training and research is aimed at non-EU citizens who plan to come to Spain to carry out training, research, development and innovation activities at public or private institutions.

That permit must be requested by companies or institutions (universities, RDI centres or research organisations) or their representatives.

Our Immigration and International Mobility team has extensive experience in advising on and processing applications for residence permits for training and research in Spain, which enables us to provide a high quality and personalised service to our clients.

How can AGM help you?

At AGM, we make sure that our clients comply with all the necessary requirements and documents. Our services related to this process include:

  • Providing advice on all the necessary documentation that needs to be gathered and the forms and fees that must be prepared.
  • Taking care of submitting the application online.
  • Continuously monitoring the process until a decision is made.
  • Providing advice on how to process, if necessary, the corresponding visa at the Spanish Consulate in their place of residence.
  • Providing advice on how to process the residence card and make an appointment at the police station, including accompanying them and preparing the forms and fees required for the residence card.

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