We offer the necessary advice to establish your residence, or that of your family, in Spain, as well as in relation to the issuing of short-term visas, and regularising situations once already in the country.


Further, we are able to give advice on the proper maintenance of your residence processed in your name, and on any renewals or modifications to permits that are necessary to obtain Spanish citizenship.


We have experience offering advice to our clients in:


  • Residence permits for exceptional circumstances:
    • Settlement for social, work or family circumstances.
    • Victims of gender-based violence.
    • Sudden illness.
    • Other exceptional cases.
  • Permission for study stays, extensions and modifications to residence and work permits for employees or self-employed individuals.
  • Renewal of all kinds of permits.
  • Reunification of families.
  • Residence permits for minors, whether born in Spain or not.
  • Certificate of UE citizenship register and citizens’ family cards, for spouses, unmarried partners (stable unions) and other relatives.
  • Applications for Spanish citizenship. By residence, option, nature and Sephardic community.
  • Residence and work permits for employees or self-employed individuals (and its changes).
  • Residence permits without permission to obtain paid work.
  • Residence permits for foreign investors (Golden Visa):
    • Prior report on the viability of residence for economic reasons.
    • Processing of special visa for “foreign investors”.
  • Complete management of residence permits for investors and their family members.
  • Drafting, processing and presentation of administrative and contentious administrative appeals in cases of denials of residence authorisations and/or work permits, and also in cases of denials of extensions of the residence permits for study.