Insolvency Practitioner and insolvency advice

Applying for a meeting of creditors can sometimes be the only solution to the survival problems caused by the impossibility of obtaining new financing and the liquidity problems and even the closure of business lines.


That is why the Crisis Management and Business Continuity area has an expert team on how to deal with insolvency or liquidation situations, suggesting better options. The team advises and also acts as an Insolvency Practitioner.

Our team also provides advice:

So that clients can choose the best solution, providing ways and methods which also exclude the company directors from potential liabilities.


In any phase during the bankruptcy process, after knowing about the current or imminent insolvency situation, planning, where necessary, the bankruptcy as well as the contracts and the potential agreement with the creditors.


For filing bankruptcies, drafting and organising the necessary documentation as well as the viability plan and the early composition agreement.

Delimiting the scope in the event of a purchase or sale of a production unit.


In bankruptcy proceedings, acting for many years as Insolvency Practitioners, as economic auditors, lawyers or representing the appointed creditors.


For enforcing composition agreements and liquidation plans.


To financial institutions or other financial agents regarding the implications of the debtors’ bankruptcy situation and the value recovery.

Business liquidation services

  • We plan the debt recovery and get involved through other professionals of the firm.
  • We propose the liquidation and early composition agreement.
  • We participate in the enforcement of the composition agreements and liquidation plans.
  • We analyse and develop the strategy to defend the directors’ liability.
  • We act as Insolvency Practitioners.

Our team of Crisis management and business continuity

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