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We provide comprehensive advice on insurance practice, which allows us to add value to the insurance companies that work with us.
AGM Abogados Insurance lawyers

The experience of AGM Abogados, in the defence of the interests of insurance companies and their policyholders, is as long as the life of the firm itself: more than 35 years since its foundation.

In the field of Insurance Law, we provide, among other services, advice and processing of all kinds of civil liability claims and liability for damages, in all instances and jurisdictions. We are trusted by some of the main insurance companies in our country.

Who do we advise?

Our team is made up of professionals with solid experience, knowledge and specialization that allows us to provide comprehensive advice to insurance and reinsurance companies.

What are our main Insurance Law services?

Unpaid premium recovery process

Non-payment of insurance premiums by clients can affect insurance companies at a business level. For this reason, at AGM Abogados we support companies with all the legal management that this process implies until the outstanding payment is received.

Our firm offers an external service for the recovery of unpaid premiums through a process that not only provides a clear economic benefit when the amounts not paid by the policyholders are paid to the company, but also makes possible the cancellation of those policies that are deemed appropriate from an economic point of view.

This cancels future risks and also has a direct impact on the company’s account through the cancellation of unnecessary provisions.

How do we carry out the recovery process?

  1. Mediator notification process: reliable communication is sent to the insurance broker to notify him/her of the non-payment of the premium and the suspension of the coverage.
  2. Process of direct claim to the policyholder (within the first 6 months from the effective date of the policy):
  • Extrajudicial Phase.
  • Judicial Phase.

This unique service of recovery of unpaid premiums for insurance companies has great success in its achievement, allowing the recovery of many premiums even in the extrajudicial phase.

We have specialized professionals in the sector and since 2011 we have been managing recoveries for large insurance companies with a recovery success rate of 41% only in the extrajudicial phase, that is, before even initiating legal proceedings.

Liability and property damage

One of the most important areas in which we focus our attention within Insurance Law is the defence of the interests of both the insurer and the insured, in those cases in which the imputation of civil liability or property damage caused allegedly corresponds to them.

Our experience in this field precedes us, which is why we have the confidence of some of the most relevant national and international insurance companies.

Our team of experts advises the client throughout the procedure, thanks to our extensive knowledge in the field, offering the highest quality and professionalism in the provision of the service and achieving the best defence of their interests


In the field of Insurance Law, the facet of causing the damage finds its counterpart in the receipt of the damage and the consequent damages.

At AGM Abogados we are committed to the defence of all interests at stake. Our services in the area of recovery start from an early extrajudicial phase, trying to satisfy the interests of our clients without the need to initiate legal proceedings, either representing the insurance company by subrogation or claiming, directly on behalf of the insured, the amount of the deductible agreed in the policy, against those who are considered responsible for the damages caused.

When legal proceedings are unavoidable, we provide the necessary assistance and professional advice, in all instances and jurisdictions.

Why choose our Insurance Law services?

  • The extensive experience of all the professionals who make up the Insurance Law area allows us to advise our clients in complex lawsuits arising from relevant claims.
  • The broad knowledge of our experts and our multidisciplinary vocation allows us to provide comprehensive advice in insurance practice, adding value to the insurance companies that work with us.
  • Our firm has permanent contact and involvement with the practice of the courts, which allows us to provide high value-added advice, far above that of our competitors.

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