Insurance Law

AGM Abogados has over 30 years’ experience in counselling large insurance companies in lawsuits covering all the litigation specialities: civil, employment, criminal and judicial review.


The extensive experience of all the professionals in this area enables us to advise our clients in complex lawsuits arising from major claims.


Thanks to that experience, AGM Abogados is a unique specialist in counselling on contractual and extra-contractual civil liability, with permanent contact and involvement regarding court practices, enabling us to provide advice with high added value, far exceeding that of our competitors.

Defense of insurers’ interests

Among others, we have defended insurers’ interests with enormous success in the following claims:

  • Industrial Civil Liability against companies from very diverse sectors such as energy, food, construction and healthcare.
  • Professional Civil Liability against different types of professionals (tax advisors, auditors, doctors, lawyers) for breaches of the Lex Artis.
  • Patrimonial Liability from the Public Administrations.
  • Liability actions against company directors.
  • Actions for recovery against tortfeasors.

AGM Abogados has designed a unique product to collect unpaid premiums for insurance companies which has been highly successful, collecting a large number of premiums, even just in the extrajudicial phase.

Our law firm also has extensive experience in coordinating claims involving international jurisdictions.

Our team of Insurance Law

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