Interim Management

Interim Management is a service which AGM Abogados provides to its clients, with predetermined time frames and the following objectives:


  • To handle the services pertaining to a Human Resources Department, labour relations, industrial relations, personnel management, etc.
  • Providing companies with professionals experienced in managing businesses in the corresponding areas.
  • To meet managerial and administrative needs in exceptional situations, crisis, corporate restructuring or for specific projects with pre-specified objectives to be achieved.

Advantages of Interim Management


Companies making use of the service of Interim Management will benefit from transitional managers with proven professional experience to resolve situations which management personnel have not had the opportunity to address before, without the need to consider renewing or replacing such managerial positions. The position is on a temporary basis and is employed specifically to achieve previously defined objectives.


The justification for this temporary management is achieving said objectives through the contributions of high-level Interim Managers professionals, without the need to permanently hire such professionals.


The main areas of activity of Interim Management are:


  1. Corporate restructuring:
  • Processes to make working conditions more flexible: adapting the workforce, substantial changes to working conditions, functional mobility, termination of contracts for objective reasons, geographical mobility, non-implementation of agreements, company agreements, workforce planning.
  • Analysis and restructuring of incentive systems, performance evaluations, compensation for objectives, professional classification systems.
  • Equality plans, management protocols for harassment in the company, and other psychosocial risks.
  • Analysis of the work environment, internal communication, and management styles.


  1. Temporary Replacement of Directors or Managers:
  • Temporarily replacing a key managers when absent (such as when due to illness, leaves, expatriation, etc.) until their reinstatement.
  • Temporarily filling a vacancy for a managerial position while the Department is reorganized and the appropriate replacement is selected.


The professionals in charge of Interim Management at AGM Abogados take responsibility for management by leading their teams to achieve the established objectives.